Anthony Rubio

Born and raised in New York City, Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio originally studied women's wear at New York's

Fashion Institute Of Technology. It wasn't until the Spring of 2003 when he started designing for dogs after Anthony rescued a small dog he would named Bandit which had been terribly abused .

Shortly there after, Socialites commissioned these exquisite creations for their four­legged family members and major media outlets started to notice.

Anthony Rubio Designs was born and stands for creating and innovating new concepts and techniques and is strictly Couture. Each garment is created by hand with maniacal obsession to achieve perfection and meticulously executed solely by Anthony Rubio. He is the first pet fashion designer to showcase during New York Fashion Week.

After learning what would have happened to Bandit had he not been rescued, Anthony decided to become a voice for those animals who needed a home. He has featured dogs up for adoption in photo shoots, included them in his runway shows and even started the "Adopt Me Maybe" pet adoption campaign that went viral and was honored by the Humane Society for his humanitarian efforts in championing animal adoption. Bandit lived 8 more years and today Anthony continues his mission to raise awareness about Animal Population Control, Pet Adoption and many other matters involving animals including fundraising for Animal Cancer Research along with his adopted Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba.