K. RaShaé is a luxury women's wear fashion brand that represents confidence and beauty. Founded in New York by Kalisha Hall, K. RaShaé works to celebrate women and their uniqueness while promoting self-love and self-expression through purpose driven designs. The love for costumes and avant-garde designs are what set K. RaShaé apart. These innovative elements are translated into wearable fashion creating the brand’s unique aesthetic.

Each garment is made with high-quality tailoring details, made-to-last fabrics, bold prints and textures. K. RaShaé aspires to help women reveal their true purpose and worth that already lies within them. These positive values shine through in the brand’s mantra, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made™, which encourages women to embrace their individuality.

SS17' Collection 'VERSUS'

You versus you. One of the hardest battles to overcome is that within yourself. I created my newest collection “Versus” as a tangible expression of this struggle. Oftentimes, our insecurities are motivated by our perception; we perceive ourselves to be one way and question how others look at us as well. We can begin to question our judgement and become self conscious about the things we do. We can become consumed with what others will think if we post a certain status, wear a certain outfit, or express a certain opinion. Our authenticity can get lost in the shuffle of accommodating others. Discovering and loving your true self can be a continuing battle; but it does not have to be. When a woman begins to identify who she truly is, this is the first step to loving that person. True self-love encompasses loving your flaws and your strengths. I believe that a woman’s flaws and insecurities are what make them beautiful and unique. I designed this collection with all of this in mind. I created a collection that promotes self-worth, confidence, and strength. Each design is a direct reflection of the internal mindset of the modern day woman. I chose boxing as the theme to represent the battle of the mind and perception, but to also highlight the femininity that is often overshadowed in the female fighter. The “fighter” does not have to be a professional boxer; she can be an unpaid professional, overshadowed wife, or upcoming artist. Each fighter has to portray a tough exterior while on the inside they may embody a softer and sensitive side. The silhouettes of the designs are strong and defined just as the exterior of each person fighting an internal battle. Some of the fabrics are soft; just as the core of humans can be. Like women, clothes do not have to conform to one style. They can combine the best textures of opposing styles and create a magical design. I hope that this collection resonates with each woman and motivates them to embrace their inner and external beings.