Patricia Michaels


The Nature of a designerInnovative. Eco­Friendly. Avant­garde. Distinctive. Fashion­Forward. Organic. Unique. Leader.Showstopper. These are just a few words that come to mind when you hear the name Patricia Michaels. For over 20 years, Patricia Michaels, has been producing one­of­a­kind couture that defies fashion trends. Growing up in Santa Fe, NM, she was surrounded by beauty—in culture,landscape and art, all which greatly influenced her design aesthetic. Her Native American culture is deeply rooted in New Mexico, and as a child she spent a lot of time on the Taos Pueblo where many of her family, including her grandparents, lived. In this majestic, untouched terrain,Patricia received a unique education­­the environment became her teacher, and with the help of her elders, she learned to respect and honor the process of working with her hands and heart.Today, Patricia continues to draw inspiration from nature and her Native roots. She named her company, PM Waterlily, after her Native name, vowing to keep her traditions alive through the interconnectedness of her fashions. In this respect, Patricia has become a forerunner in the fashion industry for practicing cultural sustainability.PM Waterlily designs are custom made out of Patricia’s Taos, NM studio and include high­end limited edition apparel and casual lines for both men and women. She chooses to work with organic materials whenever possible, and hand­dyes and paints her fabrics, often using algae pigments. Each design she produces showcases nature’s influence combined with fluid textures,creating clothing with movement and individuality. “My clothes tell a story”, says Michaels,“...where the wearer gets to incorporate their own history and energy into the garment.